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Pythagoras-480 is a collaborative online math game that will enable 6th grade students to not just learn and practice simple geometric concepts, but gain mastery over them. The basic framework of the game is a series of tasks that culminate towards building a monument using geometric skills acquired during gameplay.

The narrative of the game centers around the Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras. The game is played collaboratively in “clans”. A clan is a group of young students in ancient Greece seeking to gain admission in Pythagoras’ famed Mystery School. Pythagoras presents them with a series of tasks that they must fulfill in order gain acceptance into the school.

There are three basic components of this game:

1- Animated Videos: The backbone of this game is an animated series of videos where Pythagoras guides the learner through a series of tasks. These videos serve to not just guide the learner through the tasks, but also to form a narrative of Pythagoras’ life story. Pythagoras takes the learners on a similar journey that he took from Greece to Egypt and to India and back in search of the truth. Players are not just exposed to the life-story of Pythagoras, and mathematical concepts, but his philosophies as well. These videos would emphasize to the learner that they are not just learning geometrical concepts, but forming a mastery over them. They are gaining not just knowledge on math, but related fields like philosophy, science and history, just like Pythagoras did.

2- Collaborative discovery: Players work with their clans to identify geometrical shapes in a given puzzle. Upon identifying these shapes, they work to calculate the puzzles associated with each shape using geometrical formulas. On successful calculation of a particular shape, that shape becomes part of the player’s store-room in the form of a 3D object. The player with the most number of shapes calculated is therefore the player with the most number of objects in his store-room and therefore would have the most say in the decision-making process during building the final monument.


3-Collaborative Construction: During the final stage of the game, players work together to build a monument using the shapes they have acquired while playing the collaborative discovery puzzle. Players determine how these objects relate to each other and manipulate them in a 3D environment to create the final monument.

Pythagoras-480: A Collaborative Math Videogame

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